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Bass '24

Hometown: Oakton, VA

Major: Biology

Audition Songs: A Song For You by The Carpenters and We Are the Champions by Queen

Favorite Vs Song: Little Black Submarines 

Favorite UVA tradition: LOTL (I like light shows) 

Life Outside the V's: University Singers, table tennis, video games (puzzle and rhythm), animation

You Won't Ever See Me: without my phone

Never Would You Ever Believe: I am secretly planning world domination :)

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Any Pronouns
Bass '25
Treasurer '23, '24

Hometown: Arlington, VA

MajorMusic, Environmental Science

Audition SongsJust The Way You Are by Bruno Mars and Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

Favorite V's Song: Little Lies, Golden, Beautiful Day

Favorite UVA tradition: Activities Fair

Life Outside the V'sWriting fiction, board gaming, D&D, TWOWing, producing music as Gizmote

You Won't Ever See MeWithout a song stuck in my head

Never Would You Ever BelieveI co-hosted a game show with Alex Trebek (and I have proof!)

Alto '25
Social Chair '22, President '23, '24

Hometown: Norfolk, VA

MajorKinesiology (Pre-PA)

Audition songsI Wanna Love You but I Don’t by Ben Platt and Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers

Favorite V's Song: Serotonia

Favorite UVA Tradition: Singing the Good Old Song

Life Outside the V’s: Taking naps, baking, and doing the New York Times mini crossword puzzles

You Won’t Ever See Me: Waking up before 8 am

Never Would You Ever BelieveI have never seen Friends (please don’t attack me)

33DB2355-C8B5-4CDD-9905-FE55E446E109 - Andrew Heil.jpeg
Bass '25
Music Director '22, '23, '24

HometownGlade Spring, VA

Majors: Astronomy and Music

Audition Songs: Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Deadbeat Holiday by Green Day

Favorite Vs Song: 21st Century Breakdown 

Favorite UVA Tradition: The good old song

Life Outside the V's: I produce my own music and also sometimes play golf

You Won't Ever See Me: caught up on homework 

Never Would You Ever Believe: I can solve a Rubik’s cube in 20 seconds or less

Tenor '25
Social Chair '23

HometownArlington, VA

Majors: Music and Foreign Affairs

Audition Songs: Amsterdam by Guster and Revolution Radio by Green Day

Favorite Vs Song: Ramble On 

Favorite UVA Tradition: The Good Old Song

Life Outside the V's: Breaking pianos, rolling dice, and doing dubious deeds in foreign countries

You Won't Ever See Me: Commit a crime 

Never Would You Ever Believe: I've lived in four different countries!!!

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Alto '25

Hometown: Falls Church, VA

Majors: Global Studies Environments and Sustainability

Audition Songs: Death of a Bachelor- P!ATD, Stronger Than Me - Amy Winehouse

Favorite Vs Song: Still Into You

Favorite UVA Tradition: crying in old cabell hall or doing my grocery “shopping” at the dining halls.

Life Outside the V's: Usingers, I like making art, running, wreaking havoc, and exploring all the secret chill spots in Charlottesville to plot evil plans.

You Won't Ever See Me: you think you will, but you actually will not ever see me.

Never Would You Ever Believe: never would I ever believe an opinion from a person who’s favorite artist is playboi carti…

IMG_4100 - Abigail Dodd.JPG


Soprano '26

Secretary '23, Publicity Chair '24

Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD

Major: Biology, Minor in Math

Audition Songs: Mercy by Duffy and You All Over Me by Taylor Swift

Favorite V's Song: Honey, Only Angel

Favorite UVA tradition: The Good Old Song

Life Outside the V's: streaming Taylor, stressing over lab tings

You won't ever see me: with my phone charged above 30%

Never would you ever believe: I'm obsessed with Carrie by Stephen King (book, movies, musical, you name it)

69792461134__EEA8CF90-FEE7-4E14-B9E1-DC4A376A5F44 - Kylie Maupin.jpg


Soprano '26

Secretary '24

Hometown: Forest, VA

Majors: Biochemistry, Pre-med

Audition Songs: The Red Means I Love You by Madds Buckley and Dying in LA by P!ATD (ew sorry I hate brendon urie) 

Favorite Vs Song: Violet Hill by Coldplay

Favorite UVA Tradition: Newvie Week

Life Outside the V's: I love playing dinkum😱

You Won't Ever See Me: before 1pm🙃

Never Would You Ever Believe: im married!?!😦💍 *EMOTIONAL*

BC105C54-7E30-4D9C-9737-D3642C08AE9D - Evaline Mitchell.jpeg


Soprano '26

Hometown: Kenosha, WI

Majors: Undecided

Audition Songs: Jason’s Song by Ariana Grande & Georgia by Phoebe Bridgers

Favorite Vs Song: Only Angel

Favorite UVA Tradition: The Good Old Song

Life Outside the V's: frolicking, Maison Française

You Won't Ever See Me: being punctual 

Never Would You Ever Believe: I once held hands with an octopus!!

ore - Tyler William Taute.jpg


Tenor '26

Vice President '24

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Majors: Environmental Science

Audition Songs: Rain by Sleep Token and Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas

Favorite UVA Tradition: Tipping hat to professors 

Life Outside the V's: I volunteer for state parks and food banks, and I do my best to help where I can.

You Won't Ever See Me: In crocs (lie).

Never Would You Ever Believe: I had an extra tooth named Timothy who got taken out with my wisdom teeth.

IMG_2620 - Dante Ragusa.jpeg

Tenor '27

Hometown: Fairfield, NJ

Majors: undecided 

Audition Songs: Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra and Seven Nation Army by White Stripes 

Favorite UVA Tradition: The Good Old Song  

Life Outside the V's: I play the tuba in the Cavalier Marching Band

You Won't Ever See Me: on a unicycle 

Never Would You Ever Believe: I hold the record for fastest Blazin' Wings Challenge in Parsippany

52969859363_c7b781090c_o - Henry Brown.jpg

Tenor '27

Social Chair '24

Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Majors: Foreign Affairs, Economics

Audition Songs: Loch Lomond by an unknown Scottish person from the 18th century and Have You Ever Seen The Rain by Creedence Clearwater Revival 

Favorite UVA Tradition: Complaining about Construction

Life Outside the V's: U-Singers, following French politics, and searching for the best burrito

You Won't Ever See Me: Because I can turn invisible 

Never Would You Ever Believe: I've never been to Coachella

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