Tenor '22

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Major: Commerce

Audition Songs: Piano Man by Billy Joel and Sweet Child O’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses

Favorite UVA Tradition: Snowball Fights/Streaking

Life Outside the V’s: Student Veterans of America, U-Singers, and running around C’ville

You Won’t Ever See Me: in bed before 2AM

Never Would You Ever Believe: I was attacked by some wild dogs once


Soprano '22 

Assistant Treasurer '19, Vice President '20, President '21

Hometown: Forest, VA

Major: English (Pre-Med)

Audition Songs: Self-Esteem by The Offspring and Cryin’ by Aerosmith


Favorite UVA Tradition: Snowball fight at the first snow, Lighting of the Lawn 

Life Outside the V's: I'm a first-year RA and a distance runner :D

You Won't Ever See Me: eating spicy things lol I can’t even handle flamin hot cheetos

Never Would You Ever Believe: I can fit my fist in my mouth wild I know

V's Profile Pic.jpg

Tenor '23

Co-Music Director '21

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Major: Comm... hopefully

Audition Songs: Fall (by yours truly), Basket Case (Green Day)

Favorite V's Song: 

Favorite UVA tradition: streaking the lawn 

Life Outside the V's: In a band, Writes Music, Enjoys Drama, Sports, and j chillin' with friends

You Won't Ever See Me: Because I'm invisible

Never Would You Ever Believe: I have never seen The Godfather


Alto '23

Hometown: Leesburg, VA

Major: Commerce and East Asian Studies

Audition Songs: "Walking on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves and "Edge of Seventeen" by Stevie Nicks

Favorite UVA tradition: UVA men's basketball games

Life Outside the V's: National Alliance for Mental Illness Club, UVA University Singers

You Won't Ever See Me: streaking the Lawn ahaha

Never Would You Ever Believe: I love classical music!


Soprano '23

Hometown: Chesterfield, VA

Major: English and Psychology (minor)!

Audition Songs: Dream On by Aerosmith and Sweet Child o Mine by Guns and Roses

Favorite V's Song: Violet or Little One!

Favorite UVA Tradition: staring at the rotunda 

Life Outside of the V's: copy editor at Cav Daily, stagehand at Charlottesville symphony, hamster mom, lots of Harry Potter & marvel daydreaming

You Won’t Ever See Me: walking up the hill to Gooch ever again

Never Would You Ever Believe: I’m a black belt. I do not look like a black belt.


Alto/Soprano '23 

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Major: Commerce

Audition Songs: If I Loved You (Delta Rae), Somebody to Love (Queen)

Favorite V's Song: Check Yes Juliet

Favorite UVA Tradition: Foxfield

Life Outside the V’s: McIntire Investment Institute, Hoothon, and playing w my 2 Cavapoo puppies

You Won't Ever See Me: Sleeping

Never Would You Ever Believe: I was a state-ranked Mathlete in middle school

Bass '23 

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Major: American Studies 

Audition Songs: Live Forever by Oasis and My Hero by Foo Fighters 

Favorite V's Song: Wax Cylinder Sonata

Favorite UVA Tradition: When the horse crosses the field before football games and the marching band makes the shape of the Rotunda 

Life Outside the V’s: Technical editor for Still We Rise podcast, member of Hot Kids Comedy, comedy musician (Buddy Springs), bass player for Speakeasy 

You Won’t Ever See Me: becoming a vegan 

Never Would You Ever Believe: I won a Capt’n Crunch sweepstakes last year

Bass '23
Treasurer '21

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

Major: Physics (Pre-Medicine)

Audition Songs: Can't Help Falling in Love by Elvis and Movin' Out by Billy Joel

Favorite V's Song: Iris

Favorite UVA Tradition: Being the best university

You Won't Ever See Me: Voluntarily reading a book

Never Would You Ever Believe: I can fix almost anything given enough time and money



Soprano '23

Hometown: Centreville, VA

Major: computer science + cognitive Science(?)

My favorite UVA tradition: singing the good old song!! 

Life outside the V's: French house resident, part of Girls Who Code and Women in Computing Sciences, is a part of APEX crew

You Won't Ever See Me: wearing sweatpants

Never Would You Ever Believe: I listen to Icelandic metal

maddy pic.jpg

Soprano/Alto '23

Treasurer '20, Assistant Music Director '20, Co-Music Director '21

Hometown: Richmond, VA

Major: Linguistics and Politics

Audition songs: Young and Beautiful by Lana del Rey and Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting by Elton John

Favorite V's Song: Strawberry Fields Forever

Favorite UVA tradition: The Good Old Song

Life outside the V's: University and Chamber Singers, StudCo Cabinet, relaxing outdoors, and eating lots of cookies

You won't ever see me: in a CS Class

Never would you ever believe: I can finish a 1000 piece puzzle in 4 hours


Tenor '23

Social Chair '20, '21

Hometown: Chesapeake, VA
Major: undecided
Audition Songs: Don’t Stop Believing by Journey and Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper

Favorite V's Song: Paralyzer and 1985
Favorite UVA tradition: The Good Old Song
You won't ever see me: skipping class
Never would you ever believe: I am bilingual


Alto '23

Publicity Chair '20, Vice President '21

Hometown: Carmel, NY

Major: History and Philosophy! 

Audition Songs: Kiwi by Harry Styles and Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin

Favorite V's Song: Withered Hope, Ramble On, Paralyzer

Favorite UVA tradition: Streaking the Lawn lol

Life Outside the V's: UVA Cheerleading, Pre-Law Frat, YDSA, First-Generation Low-Income Partnership, Hoos First Look, archiving things in the Special Collections Library, talking about how Leos are the best astrology sign, making fun of Kevin and Hunter (lovingly)

You won't ever see me

Never Would You Ever Believe: that I have a SICK Toad impression. You know the little mushroom guy from Mario Kart? Yeah, that one

Alto '24

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA

Major: Psych/Music

Audition Songs: Too Late to Say Goodbye by Cage the Elephant and Heart of Glass by Blondie

Favorite V’s Song: True Believer

Favorite UVA Tradition: UVA basketball games

Life Outside the V’s: piano/guitar enthusiast, barista at Starbucks, New York Times Crossword erryday, homework /: 

You Won’t Ever See Me: with manicured nails

Never Would You Ever Believe: that I can name every country and it’s capital 

Alto '24

Hometown: Springfield, VA

Major: Psych (Pre-med)

Audition songs: Cough Syrup by Young the Giant, Where’d All the Time Go? by Dr. Dog

Favorite UVA tradition: Reading days

Life outside the V’s: Rifle Club, Volleyball, Gaming, Psychological Society, and music production!

You won’t ever see me: , period.

Never would you ever believe: I have 9 followers on Soundcloud

Soprano '24

Hometown: Columbia, MD

Major: Psych

Audition Songs: Love Song by Sara Bareilles and Ghost of You by MCR

Favorite V’s Song: Wax Cylinder Sonata

Favorite UVA Tradition: Saying goodnight to Mr. Jefferson (iykyk)

Life Outside the V’s: Ballroom Dance, Roller Derby, Gaming, Anime, and repping my totally legit frat/volleyball team, Vag Nu

You Won’t Ever See Me: Running. Screw cardio.

Never Would You Ever Believe: I can move my eyes separately like a chameleon!

Tenor '24

Hometown: Bealeton, VA

Major: Computer Science and Music

Audition Songs: Godspeed by Frank Ocean and I’ve Just Seen A Face by The Beatles

Favorite UVA tradition:  Lighting of the Lawn even tho I’ve never seen it

Life Outside the V’s: playing video games and struggling in online classes

You Won’t Ever See Me:  doing homework until the day it’s due

Never Would You Ever Believe: that I can do a very inconsistent train whistle with just my hands

Bass '25

Hometown: Arlington, VA

Major: Music, undecided

Audition Songs: Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars and Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac

Favorite UVA tradition: Idk Man, I Just Got Here

Life Outside the V's: Writing fiction, board gaming, D&D, TWOWing, producing music as Gizmote

You Won't Ever See Me: Without a song stuck in my head

Never Would You Ever Believe: I co-hosted a game show with Alex Trebek (and I have proof!)

Alto '25

Hometown: Norfolk, VA

Major: Kinesiology (Pre-PA)

Audition songs: I Wanna Love You but I Don’t by Ben Platt and Kyoto by Phoebe Bridgers

Favorite UVA Tradition: Singing the Good Old Song

Life Outside the V’s: Walking obscene distances to get to my classes, occasionally exercising, singing loudly in the shower, and doing the New York Times mini crossword puzzles

You Won’t Ever See Me: Waking up before 8 am

Never Would You Ever Believe: I have never seen Friends (please don’t attack me)

Bass '25

Hometown: Glade Spring, VA

Majors: Music?/Physics? 

Audition Songs: Boulevard of Broken Dreams and Deadbeat Holiday by Green Day

Favorite UVA Tradition: Our disregard for Tech at the football games regardless of the opponent

Life Outside the V's: I like writing and recording my own music

You Won't Ever See Me: Waiting in the morning line for Bodo’s again.

Never Would You Ever Believe: I can solve a Rubik’s cube in 20 seconds or less

Tenor '25

Hometown: Arlington, VA?

Majors: Music maybe

Audition Songs: Amsterdam by Guster and Revolution Radio by Green Day

Favorite UVA Tradition: The Good Old Song, specifically that one part

Life Outside the V's: Playing guitar, smashing pianos, and singing jazz

You Won't Ever See Me: Doing my work on time

Never Would You Ever Believe: I've lived in four different countries and can barely speak English